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Cultivating a Healthy Relationship with Risk

Setup Time:
60 minutes
Tuesday, May 07, 2019 at 06:30pm
Tuesday, May 07, 2019 at 08:30pm
Teardown Time:
30 minutes
Estimated size:
Catherine Bradshaw
Main Space

Please join us for a evening of learning! Elevate Tutoring, in partnership with All Good Work and Hacker Dojo, presents a keynote and panel discussion on how a healthy relationship with risk can lead to resilience, growth, and success.

Curious about growth mindset? Not sure how you can become more resilient as an adult? Want to grow as a learner, engineer, educator, mentor, or parent? This talk will build from our innovative proprietary training to teach you how you can apply these coaching techniques to improve yourself, your teams, and your work. Learn how local leaders have broken through their fears to find success.

Robert Schaffer, PhD
Founder and Executive Director, Elevate Tutoring

Terri Furton
Principal, DCP Alum Rock High School

Arman Maghbouleh
Founder and President, Cariden Technologies (ret.)

Aishetu Fatima Dozie
Founder and CEO, Bossy Cosmetics

Larissa Robideaux
Executive Director, Center for Excellence in Nonprofits

Suggested donation: $20
We're a nonprofit! Please help us cover the cost of wine and food for this event so we can save our dollars for the students. Cash, check, or credit card accepted at event. To make a donation in advance, please go to - https://bit.ly/2OXVqBF.

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