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Hyperledger Engineering Masterclass

Setup Time:
15 minutes
Saturday, July 06, 2019 at 10:00am
Saturday, July 06, 2019 at 05:00pm
Teardown Time:
15 minutes
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| 4 Week Part-Time Developer Bootcamp
Master cutting-edge technology to take advantage of massive new opportunities that are opening up in the Enterprise Blockchain and DLT space!

Companies like IBM, Walmart, Airbus, and many more are adopting new solutions based on Hyperledger Fabric:

| What is Hyperledger Fabric?
Retail giant Walmart has given its suppliers a 2 year deadline to join the Food Trust blockchain platform. This platform is designed to facilitate transparency and traceability across suppliers and retailers in the food industry, effectively saving lives by quickly tracing the source of food-borne illnesses where traditional methods remain slow and costly. As the platform is powered by Hyperledger Fabric, the move not only highlights a very real use-case for the technology, but a new opportunity for existing engineers looking to lead implementation efforts within their existing companies — or advance their careers by leading in a new technical field.

| Learning the Tools
The DEN’s Hyperledger for Developers Bootcamp is designed to train enterprise software engineers, technical engineering leads, and future-focused developers in delivering production-grade distributed ledger solutions to businesses by utilizing the Hyperledger Fabric framework. Through a mixture of lectures, hands-on coding projects, and mentorship from industry professionals, this course will allow you to understand Hyperledger Fabric architecture, development tools, and design strategies that are already being implemented successfully by consortiums and large organizations. Over the course of 8 weeks, you will be immersed in the enterprise-level blockchain ecosystem and acquire the skills and knowledge employers are looking for to lead projects in your industry.

Upon completion, participants also earn our Hyperledger Developer Certification and gain access to our growing Alumni Support System of CTOs at Blockchain companies, hiring partners, and industry contacts.

| Learn More
Learn more and download a detailed syllabus on our website here:


| Audience:
This bootcamp is designed to give individuals with little to no experience in Hyperledger Fabric and programming all of the tools, resources, and hands-on experience they need to deploy functional Decentralized applications and write production-level code for Blockchain projects. 2+ Years of previous development experience is highly recommended, especially using an OOP languages like Python, Java, or Javascript.

| Agenda (4 Weeks, Saturdays & Sundays 10 AM - 5 PM):

Download the full syllabus HERE

Week 1: Hyperledger Fundamentals
Week 2: Use Cases and Business Logic
Week 3: Hyperledger Fabric Technical Components/Concepts & High Level Architecture
Week 4: Hyperledger Native Development & Deployment
Week 5-8: Collab Labs

| Meet the Instructor:

Koushik Gavini is the Co-Founder and Head of Engineering @Rettex. Currently teaching Hyperledger @TheDen, previously he was a Software Engineer (Blockchain) at Kohls R&D and a Devops Engineer @RobertHalf.

| When does the class meet?
This course runs for 4 weeks, Saturdays & Sundays, from 10 AM - 5 PM. There will be additional resources and activities to complete between sessions.

Following the course, you will be entered into The DEN's Collab Labs program. This exclusive program grants you access to active Blockchain projects being built out by our newly certified Blockchain Developers and entrepreneurs within our community. Industry experts and mentors will provide you with additional guidance & experience you can leverage in your job search.

| Payment Options:
- $2500 upfront

- $1800 Team discount for groups of 3 or larger

- $500 upfront + 5% of your first year salary upon getting hired at a related position following our Bootcamp (for qualifying applicants only)

| What Should I Bring?
Bring your laptop and charger. Mac/PC/Linux are all supported.

Please arrive prepared to learn! Instructions will be sent out via email to properly prepare for the bootcamp.
Learn more about our community at theden.io!
Join the conversation on our telegram at t.me/dennexus!
You can always reach us directly at (408) 657-0861 or email us at [email protected]!


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