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JTPA meetup | Sony's MESH - A Creative DIY Kit for The Connected Life

Setup Time:
None minutes
Friday, January 16, 2015 at 07:00pm
Friday, January 16, 2015 at 09:00pm
Teardown Time:
None minutes
Estimated size:
Jin Yamanaka
Large Event Room

Come join MESH’s first stateside meet-up at Hacker Dojo! 
MESH is a creative DIY platform that lets you make your own “inventions” in just minutes.

Get notification from spouse’s about chores even when you are in another room?
Water your plant even when you are out of house?
If you’ve ever had an idea or dreamed about what you’d want to improve in your daily life, where would you go to build your creative project? Would you buy your tools and equipment at your neighborhood office supply store or hardware center? When would you make time to build it?
Well, now is the time to build! And you can make it using your own hands!!

Please come and try our brilliant experience of MESH. You don't need any "coding" to put your creativity into stuff. 


MESH, wireless function tag, along with a visual canvas, allows you to invent your own tool to fix your daily small problems.

* MESH tags
-Button. LED, Accelerator, GPIO
-GPIO allows you to make your own sensor.

* MESH canvas
Program MESH tag, logic (Timer, AND, toggle) and other WIFI devices with just “Drag & Drop”


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