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Survival to Thrival

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Thursday, April 18, 2019 at 07:00pm
Thursday, April 18, 2019 at 09:00pm
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Bob Tinker and Tae Hea are excited to share that our first book, Survival to Thrival: Building the Enterprise Startup, is now #1 (and #2 and #3) on Google search for "enterprise startup book" and top 10% on Amazon!
More importantly, we are honored that founders around the world are applying the book to unlock growth and help build their companies.

Chilean software startup, Rankmi, pictured here holding a company meeting on Survival to Thrival.
A new founder emailed: "I am reading your book for the third time in the past 6 months. This book nailed down any issues I saw in any enterprise startups I worked in the past. This book pushed me to try and do something by myself."
A founder and CEO from Europe sent me an e-mail with the subject line: "Lessons from your book" and told me what they had learned.
Clara Shih, Hearsay founder and CEO, dropped me a lovely message saying, "I loved this book and bought copies for everyone on my team."
Accelerators and VCs in Silicon Valley, Israel, and Korea have shared Survival to Thrival with their portfolio companies.
What was behind the book? The inspiration came from a simple question: what would you tell yourself ten years ago as a first-time enterprise CEO or investor? The result is not a hero's journey, but rather the raw lessons learned: what works, what doesn't work – and sometimes what just stinks.

We delve into the lessons learned as a budding startup goes from a founding idea fighting for survival, to early product struggling to unlock growth, to a fast growing category leader, and then to transcending that category to an industry leader.
The book tackles the fundamental (and very frustrating) question: why do so many startups get to PMF but never unlock growth? There is a missing link: Go-To-Market Fit (GTM Fit).

And some other exciting news: we just pushed the "print button" for the second book in our series, Change or Be Changed, which tackles the question: Why is building a startup so hard on the people? Available late Spring 2019.
What was inspiring about this project is how experienced entrepreneurs pitched in with their stories. Entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs. Paying it forward. It's one of the main things that makes our entrepreneurial community so special.

Thanks to:
Aaref Hilaly (Sequoia)
Aaron Levi (Box)
Alex Theuma (SaaStock)
Ben Horowitz (Andressen Horowitz)
Clara Shih (Hearsay)
Frank Marshall (MobileIron, Netscreen)
Fred Ball (Marketo)
Huan Ho (Workday)
Jim Tolonen (MobileIron, New Relic)
Jon Miller (Engagio, Marketo)
Mark Leslie (Stanford GSB, Veritas)
Mark McLaughlin (Palo Alto Networks)
Mark Smith (Rubric, Arista)
Mark Templeton (Digital Ocean, Citrix)
Martin Giles (MIT Technology Review)
Matt Howard (Norwest)
Jason Martin (FireEye)
Neil Patel (KissMetrics)
Phil Fernandez (Marketo)
Ray Carroll (Engagio, Marketo)
Rob Siegel (Stanford GSB, XSeed)
Sameer Dholakia (SendGrid)
Tien Tzuo (Zuora)
Tracy Young (Plan Grid)
Young Sohn (Samsung)
Ask of You: We'd love for you to share Survival to Thrival with your team, portfolio, and colleagues. And please give us feedback by leaving a review on Amazon, or on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter with the hashtag "#SurvivalToThrival." Also, you can order your copy here.

We appreciate your continuous support!

Bob and Tae Hea


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