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Explore Your Fit With Potential Startups

Setup Time:
30 minutes
Monday, October 17, 2016 at 06:30pm
Monday, October 17, 2016 at 08:45pm
Teardown Time:
15 minutes
Estimated size:
Large Event Room

Hacker Dojo members can attend for free by emailing [email protected] or [email protected] to RSVP.

Description: Finding the right startup to join is hard. You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince. Let’s face it, there are a lot of “visionary” founders out there but which ones will you be successful with? In an effort to help the startup community and provide entrepreneurs with a more effective way to meet and collaborate with other entrepreneurs we developed our small group model that does not require you to go up the microphone at the front of the room of 30 or 50 or 100 people. We know that building trust takes time so we start with a small-group structured conversation and move forward with potential cofounders from there. Meeting face-to-face, having a serious conversion and starting small can lead to great things! Hundreds of entrepreneurs have expanded their networks and found cofounders because they either met at a Cofounder Academy or Bootstrapper's Breakfast events. It is difficult for founders and cofounders to find one another. Harder still to develop the necessary confidence and trust that forms the basis of an effective and successful startup team. The Silicon Valley Cofounder Academy is changing that.

What to bring for the small group conversations
Cofounder - be able to offer a short introduction that outlines your background and the kind startup you are interested in joining. (Note: you are free to change your mind at or after the event but at least give folks some idea of your expertise, accomplishments, and interests).
Founder: a brief description of your startup, what you have accomplished to date to move it forward, and a succinct outline of one or two small projects (or two to four hours duration) you are looking for help on.

6:30-6:50 Introductions / sign-in as founder / cofounder and get your small group assignments
6:50-7:00 Briefing on "What makes a good small project" Sean Murphy
7:00-8:00 Three facilitated roundtable discussions
8:00-8:15 de-brief on experience
8:15-8:45 open networking

RSVP: https://www.meetup.com/silicon-valley-cofounder-academy/events/234628834/
When: Mon-Oct-17 6:30pm to 8:45pm
Where: Hacker Dojo 3350 Thomas Rd, Santa Clara, CA 95054
Cost: $5 in advance / $10 at the door (Hacker Dojo members can attend at no charge but must RSVP by emailing [email protected] or [email protected])
Pizza: Yes


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